Why is shipping so expensive? Shipping chocolate can be pretty hard! We go to great pains to try to make sure your chocolate arrives in good condition. Orders are all shipped USPS Priority Mail. Orders that travel through areas above 70F will typically be packed in large flat rate boxed lined with environmentally friendly argon gas filled panel insulation. These special panels reduce convection, conduction, and radiant heat transfer so that they outperform styrofoam of comparable thickness for a lower cost and drastically less cost of shipping and storage space requirements. They are made of metallized high density polyethylene which is recyclable through standard film recycling programs. We may also ship your chocolate with hydratable ice packs which reduce the carbon footprint of ice packs being sent to us and the costs to you. These may be reused or discarded in normal waste streams. We have done our best to find the most economical, environmentally friendly, and effective way of shipping chocolate, but we aren't Amazon. The combined cost of the shipping ($17), and raw materials such as liners ($3.50), and ice ($1), means that with handling costs we spend well over $25 per parcel to ship. We offer free shipping on orders over $100 and feel this is an excellent value amounting to approximately 25% discount per bar. 


When your chocolate arrives, check that it is cool and unmelted. Ideal storage conditions for chocolate are around 65-70F in a cool dry, dark place. A small plug in wine cooler can be an ideal device for storage, but any place that stays relatively consistent in this temperature range without strong smells and high humidity is fine. While we don't design it to be stored for long periods, properly tempered and stored chocolate may keep for years. If your apartment or house is getting hot enough that the chocolate may risk melting you may want to store the chocolate in the refrigerator as a last resort, but this is far from ideal and will have effects on texture, storage life, and may also result in the chocolate absorbing strong aromas from the refrigerator.